Get access to bonus PillDrop features - like the peace of mind of knowing exactly when your script expires. 

At a glance, review your medicine dosage and order history.

Order repeats and request new prescriptions at the touch of a button.

Plus, caregivers can create profiles and oversee their family’s medications in one simple place.


Fill my

Easily see how many days you have left until your script expires with a handy countdown. Never run out of your medication or forget about it again.


Create my
medication lists

At a glance, see all your current and past medicines, their dosage and how many repeats you have left on your script. Automatically updated every time you fill your prescription.


Review medicine

This is like your online medicine label which you can take with you wherever you go. See at a glance the dosage you need to take of each medicine, how frequently you take it, and if you need to take with or without food.



With PillDrop’s handy 90-day countdown, you never have to worry about expired repeats again. Quickly see how many repeats you have left for each of your medicines and order your next repeat with a click of a button.


Create family

With the family profile menu, simply select the name of the person you are caring for and see all their medication information and history in one place.


Browse medication history

When you need to know your medication history, this PillDrop function is like your online, portable medicine diary.


Order new prescriptions

Simply select your medical centre and grant PillDrop permission to contact your doctor to request a new prescription on your behalf. Easy!

For a better, simpler pharmacy experience, switch to PillDrop.

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