PillDrop is here to simplify your medication routine with our comprehensive service that includes sorting, packing, and delivering your prescription medicines right to your doorstep, all free of charge. 

Medication Management

Enjoy the benefits of PillDrop's free medication management service if you are currently taking a minimum of four regular medicines. Our service covers prescriptions, sorting your medicines into easy tear PillSachets and delivery, ensuring you receive the utmost convenience and support in managing your health.


With PillDrop, we go the extra mile to make your medication management effortless. We sort your medicines by date and time, organizing them into convenient and easy-to-tear PillSachets. Say goodbye to the hassle of multiple pill bottles and confusion over when to take your medications. PillSachets make it a breeze to stay on track with your prescribed regimen.


Not only do we take care of sorting and packing, but PillDrop also handles the delivery logistics. Wherever you are in New Zealand, we'll make sure your medications reach you promptly and securely. No more rushing to the pharmacy or worrying about running out of essential prescriptions. Let us take care of the entire process so you can focus on what matters most—your well-being.

Ongoing expert Pharmacist support

We understand that questions and concerns may arise regarding your medications. That's why PillDrop provides access to pharmacist support seven days a week. Our dedicated team of pharmacists is ready to assist you with any inquiries or guidance you may need, ensuring you have peace of mind and reliable expertise at your fingertips, 7 days a week.

Experience the convenience and reliability of PillDrop's comprehensive service, tailored to make managing your prescription medicines a seamless experience. Try PillDrop today and discover a hassle-free way to receive your medications right at your doorstep, completely free of charge.



Taking medication at the wrong time or ingesting the incorrect dose can significantly inhibit its benefits and, in some cases, be highly damaging to your health. Take the correct medication at the right time, every time.

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