PillSachets®: remove the hassle of managing multiple medications, for yourself or for someone you care for.

Your medicines arrive already sorted by date, time, name and dosage. This means you can safely and confidently move on from manual tasks like handling multiple medicine bottles or packs, counting and sorting each pill, or visiting a pharmacy. Each month, clients simply put your roll of PillSachets® in your own attractive PillDrop box and tear off the individual sachets® when required - putting an end to expired pills, indiscreet packaging and disorganised medicine cabinets. Before the month’s supply is out, if you have a repeat, PillDrop automatically sends it to you.

PillSachets® are the easiest and most convenient solution for people who are constantly managing their own multiple medications or managing prescriptions on behalf of their loved ones.


Designed with you in mind

As a service provided by our pharmacy, we organise medications by the dose into easy tear PillSachets to enhance medication management and convenience for our customers. Here's how we can assist you:

Consultation: Our knowledgeable pharmacists will review your prescribed medications and discuss your medication schedule with you. They will ensure they have a complete understanding of your medication needs, including dosage instructions and any specific timing requirements.

Packaging Materials: We provide specialised medication sachets designed for organising and storing medications. These packets are labelled with date and time slots for easy identification and adherence to your prescribed regimen.

Customised Sorting: Based on your medication schedule, your medications will be carefully sorted by date and time using our state of the art robotic technology. This step ensures that each packet contains the correct medications to be taken at the designated times, reducing the risk of errors or missed doses.

Labelling: Each packet are clearly labelled with the date and time of medication administration. The labels will be legible and easy to read, making it simple for you to identify the contents of each packet. The clear labeling and organised layout make it simpler for you to remember and take the right medications at the right time, reducing the likelihood of missed doses.

Safety and Accuracy: Our pharmacists prioritise safety and accuracy in the medication sorting process. They undergo rigorous quality control procedures to double-check that the medications are correctly sorted, matching your prescribed doses and timings.

Convenient Packaging: The sachets are easy tear and are designed to be portable and easy to carry, providing you with convenience and peace of mind.

Documentation and Information: Along with the sorted medication sachets, we will provide you with comprehensive documentation detailing the medications, dosages, and administration instructions. This information serves as a valuable reference and can be shared with healthcare professionals involved in your care.

Timely Repeats: With our medication management service, we can assist in monitoring your medication supply. We proactively notify you when it's time for a repeat, helping you avoid any gaps in your medication regimen.

Ongoing Support: Our pharmacy team is available to provide medication counselling and address any questions or concerns you may have regarding your medications. We are committed to ensuring your medication management is seamless and effective. 

By utilising our medication management service, you can streamline your medication routine, improve adherence, and minimise the risk of errors. Our goal is to provide you with personalised care and support to optimise your health and well-being.

It’s Simple

Personalised easy-tear Sachets.

It’s Easy

Labels to remind you what to take and when to take them.

It’s Convenient

Your medicines are automatically delivered to you each month.

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