How to get free antivirals 

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Free medicines to treat COVID-19

COVID-19 antiviral medicines can help you if you are at risk of becoming very sick with COVID-19. They reduce the amount of virus in your body so you do not get as sick, and you are less likely to go to hospital.

Who can get antiviral medicines

You can get free antiviral medicines if:

  • you have COVID-19 and symptoms, or you are a household contact and have symptoms
  • you became sick within the last 5 days
  • you are eligible for the medicine

What to expect during a health check

A PillDrop pharmacist will do a health check over the phone with you. It's a conversation to make sure antiviral medicines are right for you. You will be asked about the following: 

  • your current health 
  • your health history 
  • any other medicines or treatments you are or have been taking, including rongoā rākau (plant remedies)
  • whether you might be pregnant. 

If you are eligible, the pharmacist will tell you what you need to know about taking antiviral medicines safely and effectively.


What antiviral medicines are available

The antiviral medicines available are Paxlovid and molnupiravir. These are oral medicines (by mouth). When taken early on in your COVID-19 illness they can help you stay out of hospital.


When to take antiviral medicines

You need to take antiviral medicines within the first 5 days of feeling sick with COVID-19.

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