PillSachets: remove the hassle of managing multiple medications, for yourself or for someone you care for.

Your medicines arrive already sorted by date, time, name and dosage. This means you can safely and confidently move on from manual tasks like handling multiple medicine bottles or packs, counting and sorting each pill, or visiting a pharmacy. Each month, clients simply put your roll of PillSachets in your own attractive PillDrop box and tear off the individual sachets when required - putting an end to expired pills, indiscreet packaging and disorganised medicine cabinets. Before the month’s supply is out, if you have a repeat, PillDrop automatically sends it to you.

PillSachets are the easiest and most convenient solution for people who are constantly managing their own multiple medications or managing prescriptions on behalf of their loved ones.


Designed with you in mind

PillDrop’s medication management service is designed to increase medication compliance and reduce the frequency of adverse incidents.

  • The medicines are sorted into individually-labelled sachets with easy tear packaging by day, dose and time. These sachets are then rolled up in chronological date and time order.
  • Easy and safe way to keep track of your daily medication. No more hard to open medicine containers or tiny labels to read.

It’s Simple

Personalised easy-tear Sachets.

It’s Easy

Labels to remind you what to take and when to take them.

It’s Convenient

Your medicines are automatically delivered to you each month.

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